This year’s topic:
Big Data & Big Clouds

Nowadays, our society creates a huge amount of data (≈ 2.5 billion gigabytes per day). This data comes from different sources: sensors used to gather climate information, social media platforms, digital pictures and videos, transaction records, and cell phone GPS signals, etc. It is the era of big data. This enormous amount of data is a rich mine of information that should be exploited to extract valuable data and information for various applications. This data should be analyzed to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information that can be considered to make better decisions. This has increased the demand for qualified data scientists who master novel architectures and tools to extract meaning from massive volumes of data. In the same direction, Cloud computing offers a cost-effective way to support big data technologies and the advanced analytics applications that can drive business value. Cloud computing models can help accelerate the potential for scalable analytics solutions.

In its 8th edition, METIS’2016 aims at providing to participants a solid background and a comprehensive view on the state-of-the-art and the current trends in the big data and data science areas. Lectures in METIS will offer introductory courses as well as courses on specific active research themes, given by world-leading researchers in the area. These courses will cover several important topics such as: Data Streaming in Big Data, Machine learning techniques for big data analysis, Simulation and stochastic optimization in high dimension: Application in Data Science, Foundations of Cloud Algorithms, Correctness of Cloud Programs, Game Theory for Judgment and Ranking.




April 30, 2016

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